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Summer is finally here! Yes, even in Belgium! So what's a better way to spend a hot sunny day than by the pool?

We all know by now how dangerous the sun can be, you can read about it everywhere, so I'm not going to get into this today. The sun is actually really good for you, we get 90% of our vitamin D level through sun exposure. Being in the sun boosts your physical ánd your mental health. That's probably the main reason why people here in California are generally happier than people who live in colder and less sunnier climates.

Anyway, you can't go and lay in the sun all day just like that, you have to be prepared. Your skin and hair need a solid protection against sunburn and sun damage. When I was younger, I always thought that you didn't get a tan when using a high SPF. But now that I'm older (and wiser, haha) I know that a high SPF just protects your skin for a longer period. And your tan will even last longer because you've obtained it more gradually.

So let's take a look at my personal favorites in suncare.

* COOLA make-up setting spray SPF30, to spray onto your face without ruining your make-up

* Supergroup shine-on lip screen SPF50, to transform your favorite lipstick into sunscreen for your lips

* Rene Furtherer protective summer hair oil, to provide UV protection and nourishment for your hair

* Amore Pacific cushion compact SPF50+, to protect your face and make your skin look flawless

* COOLA Sport sunscreen spray SPF30, organic & water resistant sunscreen for your body.

Seeking some shade during the hottest hours of the day (12-4PM) is always a good idea. A one-piece bathing suit is not only a big trend this summer, it also provides protection to a bigger part of your body. But we still want to get an even tan, right girls? So here's what I do: I just switch from bikini to one-piece during the hottest hours of the day, when I'm in the shade anyway. So that way you'll look stylish, you can show off 2 looks ánd your body gets a better protection from the sun. What's not to love?

I was wearing the cutest reversible, ethnic printed one-piece by Khongboon swimwear. It's made from the softest material and has a trendy mesh insert. To finish off my look (and to protect my hair) I wore a straw cowboy hat by Ale by Alessandra.

Don't forget to keep those summer bodies fueled babes! You should drink lots of water to stay hydrated during the day. I love to add some lemon or cucumber to my water to make it taste even fresher.

When it's that hot, huge heavy meals will be the least of your cravings. So we had a yummy peach salad with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts at Greenleaf Hollywood, it was the perfect lunch on this hot Cali day!

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