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Tulum memories

Hi lovies!

It's been two weeks since we came back from Tulum, Mexico, and I finally found the time to write this blog post for you guys. I've been attending a lot of cool events lately, and if you follow along on my Instagram and stories, you know all about what I've been up to. I'm actually leaving again on Sunday to Ibiza and Europe, to attend the wedding of one of my best friends, and I couldn't be more excited! But first things first, let's look back at our amazing romantic getaway to Tulum early August.


Tulum is located on the Caribbean coast of the state Quintana Roo, Mexico. I've been to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen before, but after reading all about the idyllic town of Tulum, we decided to plan a little romantic getaway there this time. Tulum is a little over an hour away from the airport of Cancun, and basically exists of one big street with the most charming hotels and restaurants. It's very different from the busy city of Cancun, which is why we immediately fell in love with this town. It’s the most beautiful, idyllic place with a relaxing laid back atmosphere. I noticed that there were a lot of yoga places and retreats, so if you're looking for a getaway that provides you with peace and mindfulness, Tulum is the place to go.


We stayed at two sister hotels from the Colibri Boutique Hotels Group. The group is part of the Small Luxury Hotels Of The World, an exclusive collection of the most beautiful boutique hotels.

We spent the first three nights of our stay at Mi Amor, and the remaining 4 nights at La Zebra. The hotels are very different, but both amazing and a unique experience! While La Zebra is a family oriented hotel with an exquisite Mexican cuisine, Mi Amor is an adults only hotel with a more European kitchen. I will be sharing more details about Mi Amor in this post, but feel free to send me any questions you might have about La Zebra in a comment below!

Mi Amor is built on a rock cliff, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The hotel has 18 beautifully designed rooms, some of them even have a private plunge pool. We got there during a tropical storm (I know, not the best start of a vacay lol) and even in these weather conditions the hotel looked magical. The first thing we noticed was the stunning infinity pool, that peacefully transitions into the ocean. We also loved the glass of champagne when we arrived, much needed after a stormy and bumpy landing in Cancun haha.

I am obsessed with the hotel's design, it's the perfect mix of minimalism and Mexican ambiance. Our room had a huge balcony with the most stunning sea view, we love the sound of the waves at night. The manager told me that a lot of the interior pieces are designed by a famous Mexican artist, which gives Mi Amor that extra authentic feeling.

The bar/restaurant is very open but cozy, and is the perfect setup for romantic dinners but also for fun party nights with friends. It was my birthday while we were there (34, I know you guys are going to ask anyway haha) and they had set up the most amazing and romantic dinner for me and the hubby on the cliffs! That was such a wonderful and delicious experience, and probably the most romantic birthday dinner ever!

Now let's take a sec to talk about the uh-mazing food at Mi Amor. Chef Paul Bentley has more than 20 years of experience in gastronomy. He worked at the most acclaimed restaurants in Australia, Europe and New York, such as 'The Loose Box' (Australia), 'Pierre Gagnaire' (France), and 'Daniel' (NYC). His cooking style is elegant and contemporary, with a French technique, rustic scenes, and depth in flavor. As you all know I am a real foodie, so the food was probably one of my favorite parts of our stay. I don't think I ever had a more delicious breakfast in a hotel EVER! The 'huevos rancheros' and the waffles were to die for!

I have stayed at a lot of nice hotels in my life, but the Mi Amor experience was definitely one of my favorites. I already miss this beautiful place so much, can't wait to come back! Is it too early to start planning? Haha.


We didn't explore too many places in Tulum, as the hubby and I needed a break from our busy LA lives. We just wanted to relax and enjoy this beautiful place, and each other of course haha.

We did visit the Gran Cenote and Coba, which is the largest remaining city of the ancient Mayan world. You can actually climb the stairs of the Big Temple, and that was honestly one of the most scary experiences in my life, especially coming back down. But the breathtaking view was so worth it! Fun fact: I had to leave Laurens behind at the bottom of the temple, as his fear of heights suddenly took over haha.

A cenote is a natural sinkhole, that was often used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. Kinda creepy, but oh so stunning! If you're not an experienced snorkeler or diver - like us haha - then this cenote is a really nice first encounter. I really wanted to go to cenote Dos Ojos as well, but we didn't make it there this time. One of the many reasons to go back to Tulum soon!



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